Never a man has been able to capture the sound of our ceremonies, you are the first.





Aritana, Chief of the Indian people of Xingu
Ron Carter, double-bassist, composer, arranger, educator, author




I have rarely seen someone to get a sound from this bass with this quality and in such a short time.





Robert Weinstein, guitarrist, composer & producer
Carlos Malta, flautist, saxophonist, composer & producer

Water on Water

(Shula Weinstein)

Fabrizio de Francesco stands out definitively as one of the most special collaborators in my work as a composer. His knowledge of recording, mixing, mastering and delivery has been impeccable. Fabrizio is able to listen to his clients (as well as the music) to help define a unique production approach for each project. He has that increasingly rare quality that only comes with experience and sits directly between the art and science of music production.

On a recent film project on a hard deadline Fabrizio worked efficiently and dealt with every challenge eloquently. It's was easy to have every confidence in both his technical and aesthetic choices. This allowed me to double my productivity as the focus was on the creative process while knowing the audio was in his capable hands.

On another scoring project in New York City it became clear the work would benefit from Fabrizio's presence in every way. He was happy to lend his services and the results were spectacular!

Great things happen when collaboration is at its best. Usually more then we could imagine. Fabrizio is a great engineer, a true artist, and a fine human being. For those interested in creating something truly special Fabrizio is your man!

Robert Weinstein, composer
New York/Rio de Janeiro
January 2017









Morena Bela

(feat. Lenine)

- Manually mixed on Mackie 24•8-BUS -

Dear friend,


Thinking about how to write some thoughts about who you are as a professional, or what your work in music represents, more specifically in my work, I concluded that we are brothers of sound because, after all, you did the sound of 6 of my 8 CDs, and you have been the music co-producer of the CD ‘Pimenta' ... you hear in a way very similar to mine, or even to what I want to hear. Your conception of timbre and colorful sound, all your technical knowledge of acoustic engineering, combined with debugged sense between solo and ensemble, your vision and rhythmic understanding refined over all these years in Brazil, all this makes sure that the final result is: MUSIC … of the best quality.

All I heard that has your signature takes high dose of refinement and balance.

Finally, I can say that Defra polishes the sound with the generosity and wisdom of the great shamans, who know how to move the world without leaving their holy place.


















Sergio Benchimol, multi-instrumentalist, composer & producer
Augusto Mattoso, bassist, composer & producer


Using recording techniques, studied and developed with a lot of knowledge combined with many years of experience, he achieves  exceptional results which provide ideal conditions for mixing.

In addition to the great recording techniques he has been very successful in mixing and mastering in several works, such as the first and second albums of the progressive rock group Semente, which is also a producer and co-producer, of my solo work, two album of Carlos Malta (‘Pimenta' and 'Pixinguinha'), for the pianist Helio Celso and the great guitarist Armandinho.

Fabrizio worked very well also in live recording and operating the FoH and Stage Systems in several concerts with Semente, True Illusion, Marcio Montarroyos and many others.

I must also comment that the acoustic quality obtained in my studio, designed and supervised by Fabrizio in 2000, provided optimal conditions for recording and mixing, praised by professional the calibre of CARLOS MALTA, HÉLIO CELSO, RAFAEL BARATA, DAVID GANC, MÁRCIO MONTARROYOS and MAYRTON BAHIA, to name a few.

In all areas Mr. Fabrizio developed his work with dedication, integrity, professionalism and competence.

I recommend him without reservation.









Joyce's dedication to Fabrizio

The Colours of Chlöe

As a bass player and musical producer of my own work, I consider fundamental the help of a highly qualified engineer, for the purpose of seeking exceptional results.
In addition to professional qualifications, and an absolutely perfect peripheral ear, I also consider musical affinity to be essential to carrying out a good job, ie a deep involvement in order to achieve the musical excellence.

I'm very proud to share the musical production of my personal work with Fabrizio because we manage to achieve exceptional results, based in a deep, modern and contemporary reflection, to offer the public a high quality product.
All this done in a great environment of professionalism and friendship.









Denise Emmer, cellist & composer

Cantiga do Verso Avesso

The idealization of my CD Capote de Pedras was in principle for acoustic instruments. Fabrizio's special technique to capture the sounds the best way, resulted in a clear recording, where all the instruments sounded perfect and crisp.
I say the same for the voice during its recording, when I felt comfortable in monitoring, to give the best of myself.

As for mixing, Fabrizio, with his sensitivity and special technics, added as another musician. I must say that in my CD everything is heard clearly. And because it is a job where the voice is highlighted, the instruments are noticeable, and both the beauty of the melody as the arrangement are enhanced.










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