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analysis (forensics proficiency), cleaning, moving, pitch correction (poly or mono), time correction, noise / distortion suppression


ISRC, Mac Service,

OS X Backup Strategies

Audio Classrooms


in the appropriate format and level

  • DDP v. 2.0

  • Red Book compliant CD

MIXING 2.0 > 5.1

at the state of the art


Front of House



To obtain the best results, master and distribute your music into the necessary, dedicated formats and levels:

YouTube, Spotify, Deezer, iTunes, EBU 128 for Broaadcast, or any other.

Mixing is an amazing amalgam of art and science.

The art of correct or delete mistakes, anyone.

Mixing Live.

Sounding like a CD.

Analysis, design and control of sound.

Security and best results.


DMA (DefraMusicAudio) by Fabrizio de Francesco (Defra) offers any kind of professional service relative to Audio, Music and Acoustics, State-of-The-Art Studio and Live Mixing, Recording, Mastering, Miracles, all over the world also REMOTELY.

We are flexible on our rates, especially for longer bookings. Our passion is to help local and worldwide musicians, vocalists and artists, producers and arrangers, make awesome sounding works.


Securely upload-download archives or entire works via Internet server.

Live analysis via high quality Internet streaming (up to 48 kHz / 320 kbps, latency  ≤ 1-2").

This makes worldwide interaction a reality.

The Wizard Studio

Yamaha® HS references, Apogee® DAC, expert pro acoustic treatment, Avid Pro Tools HD®DDP Creator®, Apple Logic X®  in OS X  are some of our tools, with the best and latest plug-ins in the market today, kept up-to-date.

All rates include me as an engineer. As a producer and/or arranger when required.

Capote de Pedras

Denise Emmer (2016)

Capote de Pedras is an authorial EP. Denise, in addition to being composer, interprets and plays the guitar and piano. The style is different and unique, referring to Celtic and Iberian songs, without breaking the Brazilian origin of the author. It counts on instrumentalists of excellence, such as Ricardo Santoro on cello, Ricardo Amado on violin (1st violin at OSTM) Carlos Prazeres on oboe (conductor at OSBA), highlighting the exquisite arrangements of flutist David Ganc.




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